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Whether a hand drip, espresso, or latte arts––we at Haven Brews are passionate about our specialty coffee. We care deeply about the people who roast and grow our coffeee beans for us, and we source our beans from the best local roasters and growers around the world.

But Haven Brews is more than just a coffee shop.

By definition, a haven is a place for shelter, a safe space for people in need where they can find solace.

We are a team of people who have left our homes in Hong Kong to settle in Canada. We are familiar with the obstacles and have felt the feelings of displacement and confusion that we oftentimes experience when settling into a new city, country, or community. And so we created Haven Brews, a place where people––of every walk of life––can feel comforted.

At Haven Brews, we celebrate the transformative essence of Kintsugi, the traditional Japanese handcraft. Like repairing broken pottery with gold resin, at Haven Brews we embrace our own brokenness and aspire to find strength and beauty in our scars. We respect each individual's stage of life and hope to be a non-judgmental space where we (and others) can nurture our well-being, make sense of our experience, and heal our souls.

Haven is also a sanctuary, a vessel that holds all that we love such as our beliefs and values. This can be as simple as holding a latte in your hand, spending time in solitude with your soul, or forging connections with new friends.


Beyond our love for all-things coffee, we also aim to brew human connections through various activities and workshops. This is accomplished through the arts––music, film, cultural events, and therapeutic activities for those who are exploring their identities, searching for their meaning of life, are seeking connection with others, or engaging in dialogue about difficult topics.


We cannot guarantee that you will find the answers to what you are searching for here, but we can ensure that you will find friends to accompany you on your journey. You are not alone here.


At the very least, we can ensure that you will find excellent coffee here at Haven Brews.

Haven Brews provides professional training in coffee skills through a program that equips students with a professional qualification in the coffee industry. Our “Coffee & Life” program also encourages young people to foster a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


Our workshops provide vocational development and community work for members of the community.


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The cafe hosts frequent events encouraging appreciation for culture and the arts such as: film screenings, music appreciation, and exhibitions.

To encourage building a community network, Haven Brews provides a space for selling products from craftsmen and artists from different people groups to increase awareness and networking to and for various communities. 



We collect donations and gather local resources to aid individuals and families who are experiencing financial instabilities.

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